Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Faneuil Hall Holiday" Featured in Holiday Card Set

The Pine Street Inn Holiday cards are here! I'm very honored to have my "Faneuil Hall Holiday" included in the beautiful festive card designs available for sale. All proceeds go towards the fight to help end homelessness.

Show your support in the fight against homelessness : Order Here

For many, the journey out of homelessness begins with shelter, nourishment and compassion and leads to stability, permanent housing, a job and self-sufficiency.

Pine Street Inn began its journey four decades ago, offering approximately 200 men suffering from alcoholism a safe alternative to the streets of Boston. Since then, they have expanded to serve over 1,600 men and women each day, providing a comprehensive range of programs and services, including housing, outreach, shelter and job training. The ultimate goal for all of our programs is making permanent housing a real possibility for all.

 Learn about the Pine Street Inn

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